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Derma -

Armaandeep Singh Aulakh

Nothing is obscene under the skin. Nothing is shameful under the skin. Almost everything a man/woman is proud of/ashamed of exists only if it’s covered by skin (that itself may be a source of shame/ pride based on its colour) . 

Once this thin layer of tissue, apparently the largest organ of the body is removed, mankind becomes one. Our tastes, likes, dislikes, religious beliefs, superstitions, scientific temperament, nationality etc. hardly make a difference. Nobody can be identified when deskinned, nor his flaws. It’s aptly said- beauty is skin deep, you go any deeper and find yourself in a slimy framework of tissue and fluid.   

Another word used for skin is hide. There’s hardly a more appropriate word for an organ than this- for it does hide the inner self of an individual. All the pipes filled with stinking organic matter the organism carries, digestive juices and gases produced, everything is hidden. 

If there’s any organ apart from brain that makes humans human , it’s got to be skin. However, it’s credit is due. 

PGY 3 :September2021