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The Amnion

If we understand the human body closely, we truly start appreciating the marvels of nature. Sometimes a tiny entity is endowed a huge responsibility. It’s this very thing that has to function properly so that the entire chain of events take place in a predetermined manner, which determines the final outcome. Biological systems are notorious for being complex, with multiple steps which are essentially the points at which things may go wrong. Some of these events are so crucial that they can change the outcomes completely. For example- the biggest mystery - the development of a zygote. Majority of zygotes never see the sun, and are washed off the uterine cavity in the next cycle. It’s only those fortunate ones who are resilient enough to grow into blastocyst, and penetrate the prepared endometrial lining which finally turn into a foetus. 

But here I wish to talk about another flimsy layer of tissue which hasn’t received the limelight it truly deserves -The amnion. It has been reduced to a “bag” who’s only role is to rupture at birth. But that’s just the part that human eyes can see. Amnion is the one of earliest layers to surround the foetus and is the last layers to leave it. It is the care taker of the developing foetus , protecting it from the devils outside the womb - microbes, providing an appropriate environment for its growth and maintains a cushion all around it to protect from shocks of life. It also allows for an active lifestyle inside the womb for nine months. A foetus is as good as it’s amniotic sac. Once it is breached, it’s a ticking time bomb. There’s hardly anything that can sustain the foetus inside any longer. This very thin layer of tissue is the ultimate boundary where life takes shape. If you remember the old tale- look at an egg, if it breaks from the inside - life begins, if it breaks from the outside, it ends. Humans are probably the only creatures who have learned to break this layer from either sides and stay  alive.  Amnion teaches us a beautiful lesson- some times our work might not be noticed by many people, but for someone it might mean a lot. So continue your work, for you might be someone’s amnion.